64 Pixels Roundup

May 20, 2009

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As a effect of the Space Invaders Button I learned a lot about all those LED Matrix projects on the net. As a roundup I collected a short overview of all the different projects I found.

This is a (hopefully growing list) of all mentionable 64 pixel projects. There are some gazillion ‘LED Matrix’ on a bread board projects, which would be by far too much to list here – so I concentrate on all projects, which left the bread board state somehow.

64-pixels Flickr Group

Robert from ‘My 2µF‘ has created a group on Flickr to collect all the 64 pixels projects. So submit any of your 64-pixels photos to this group.

Single Color Projects

Tinkerlogs 64 Pixel Project

It was inspired by the Evil Mad Scientist Led Micro Readerboard. Its aim was to minimize the parts count (3 – matrix, microcontroller, batterypack).


Tengu and its different knock-offs. Technically speaking not really 64 pixels – but somehow one of the initial Led Matrix Projects.

Moritz Waldemeyers Flos Dinner Invitation

Also technically not really 64 pixels (I assume). But still so nice and well designed. Well built! I hope one day I could do my stuff at the same level!


What a great concept! You got some matrix bricks, which are controlled from you computer (via radio) – at least that is what I understood. You can arrange them in any way and they communicate to build a bigger matrix area. I have to inspect the way the modules communicate with each other. But nevertheless great honorable mention for the extremely well done finishing! Very interesting!

Wise Clock

FlorinC designed an Arduino-like clock module, complete with real time clock and infrared remote control. It displays the current time or other blinkenlights animations on a 8×8 LED matrix. I really like the cheese cover like, old watch like casing. Nicely done! There is even a 16×8 dual matrix version, which would belong in a 128 pixels roundup.



Robotguy adds a nice quirk to all those 8×8 matrix implementations. He added a accelerometer and some kind of infrared ‘neighbor’ communication to the PCB (which also snugly fits directly under the matrix). Very nice interactive toy (which fits perfectly in this blog). So lets see how it goes on from here!

SpikenzieLabs 8×8

Arduino & AD7746

I found this the other day on hackaday. If anybody does not like all those ‘I can fit more functionality under the matrix’-SMT-stuff here is a nice refreshing big version. It is 64 pixels as standard LEDs in an IKEA frame, with a custom cardboard front. nicely done and nice animation!

Dual Color (RG/RGY) Projects

Tinkerlogs Led Matrix Projector

Still breadboard, but with a funny quirk and from my good pal Alex – so I will give an honorable mention here.



Very similar to my Space Invaders Button. Different chip (Atmega16 instead of Atmega164), much simpler layout – the LEDs are directly driven by the controller, similar to Alex’ 64 Pixels. But an hand etched circuit board. Respect for that.

The Awesome

Again very similar to the Space Invaders Button – but much more advanced – featurewise. It sports a rechargeable LiPo battery, an USB connection (which I do not really know what it does) to charge the battery and download animations and uses an MAX6960 as display driver. Very well done! A bit bigger. But very interesting!

Space Invaders Button

Space Invaders Button

Of course my initial version. Heavily inspired by the ‘64 Pixel Project’ And initially just aimed to bring some space invaders animation on your jacket.

Full Color (RGB) Projects

My 2 µF 8×8 RGB Matrix

Very interesting project, using the bigger (60mm) full color RGB matrix. Still in a quite early stage. But very interesting. It seems to be arduino compatible. And perhaps soon available as a kit.

Sparkfuns SPI RGB Matrix

Similar idea as above, but probably a tad older. An RGB matrix, controllable by SPI and stackable and available at Sparkfun. Nice!

Evil Mad Scientist Meggy Jr.

More a micro miniature minimal gaming platform than an LED matrix project – but still containing an LED matrix. Very nicely done and available.

64 RGB LED Coffee Table

Edo did a nice coffee table with integrated 64 pixels. Unfortunately there is not much information about it, it uses 12(!) TLC5940 which should give very nice animations! Freeduino has some (German) information, an English description can be found on Hacked Gadgets.

Last Words

So, there is quite a movement in the 64 pixel scene. Do you know some project I have forgotten?

Do you have a problem that I use your projects or did I state anything wrong?

Just leave a comment!

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