Blinken Button – The LED Matrix Button Kit

February 7, 2010

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Interactive Matter proudly present the first Interactive Matter SMT Kit
The Blinken Button!

The Blinken Button is a kit for a 8×8 LED Matrix button (the jacket one). It is based on the Space Invaders Button you may already know.

The original Blinken Button Kit has been discontinued – check the Blinken Button for Beginners Kit instead.


The Blinken Button is a direct descendant of the Space Invaders Button. It is optimized to be an entry level SMT kit. It did not really work out to be total entry level, since all the electronics is behind the display, which makes it a great gift or fashion accessory, but if you made a mistake in soldering – there is no way to fix it (easily). So very intensive testing is needed. But if this is not your first kit and you already did some mistakes, you can handle it.
It is basically Arduino compatible. But it comes without the Arduino code out of the box. This is something that will be enabled quite soon.

The need for a name

Coming up with a name was the most complicated thing. I positively did not wanted to use the name Space Invaders Button. I do not want to fight with Atari or whoever got the name now.
Using then name 64 Pixels Button was something I tried and it really made it onto the PCB – but Alex had concerns that it interferes with his 64 Pixels project. And he was right.
So the name was Blinken Button. It is so for three reasons: First my girlfriend calls it like that anyway, second it is basically just some Blinkenlights and third it is a homage to the CCC Blinkenlights, I really enjoyed some years ago.

The Future

It will not stop here.

  • First the Arduino compatibility will be explored. This will most probably work out with the current version with an software update.
  • There is an USB version planned, with much more control for users who do not have an AVR programmer.

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