Blinken Buttons for Beginners – a SMT Beginners Kit

May 8, 2010

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You all know the Blinken Button Kit (aka Space Invaders Button). One of the biggest flaws of this kit is that it is not really a beginners kit. But with the help of Jeff (really big thanks for that) I was able to convert it to a perfect SMT beginners kit. The design was drastically simplified to make it easy to solder, while maintaining the original functionality.
So head over to the Blinken Button for Beginners in the shop to grab yours, or if you allread got one, check the Blinken Button for Beginners How To to assemble it.
The original Blinken Buton design has undergone some changes to make the desing more SMT beginners-friendly:

  • Massively reduced number of components (removing the Arduino comatibility).
  • Very clear component marking.
  • All resistors and capacitors use a 1206 packaging for ease of assembly.
  • Enhanced LED-Matrix footprint for easier testing.

The most important change was to improve the component marking and using hand-solder-friendly 1206 components. It now has a clear marking which component goes where and for the ATMega orientation:

The whole kit can be soldered by SMT novice and is easily testable – so if you was looking for a SMT beginners kit this is the one for you!

The LED matrix footprint has clear markings which pin is an Anode (square pins) or Cathode (round pins) to enhance testability. It is easy to ensure that you have a  working design before you solder the LED matrix to reduce the probabilty of errors.

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