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January 17, 2011

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The official Blinken Button Marketing Material

It was a bit quiet in the last months here at Interactive Matter. For a reason!

One happy day in fall 2010 Mitch and Jeff convinced me to prepare some Blinken Buttons for Beginners Kits for a SMT soldering workshops at the 27c3 in Berlin. I was happy that they did! And I suffered massively because they did. Preparing 50 kits, ordering material, reworking How-To’s, packaging packages and packaging my suit case cost me a lot of time (the later was not that complicated). But in the end I was prepared, got everything packed. Unfortunately I completely forgot any marketing material. You know on conferences there are these kind of hosting space called walls where you are supposed to bring up some content on paper, publishing it with stickers. So I had to come up with an impromptu solution. But fortunately with Mitch’s help I could gather all necessary technology and created this wonderful ad shown above.

And best of it all Hackable Devices and Interactive Matter stumbled over each other and made a distribution deal. So as soon as I have restocked again you can get the Blinken Buttons directly from Hackable Devices.

It was big fun! We soldered so may kits (thanks to anyone who bought one). And as always stated by me SMT is easy to solder. After some short introduction and showing some tricks of the trade everybody was able to solder it. We even had some complete soldering beginners who never soldered before, choosing the Blinken Button as first kit! Perhaps more for the look than for the technology. But they did it and they did it well and returned happy with their Blinken Buttons. Some guys even started at the conference to hack the software by adding a SPI interface to it! Cool!

And spending some days with Mitch was a great experience too! Watching him teach and seeing his approach to all this DIY hardware stuff helped me so much. So special thank to Mitch & Jeff again, without your help this great success of Interactive Matter have never been possible!

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