Blinken Button as a SPI Display

January 25, 2011

in Tinkering

There is nothing better than happy and even creative customers! At 27C3 Johannes and Gabe were one of the first customers for the Blinken Button Kit. After some minor issues they managed to assemble their kit. But that was positively not enough for them.  They wanted to use the Blinken Button as SPI slave, so that they can use them as a display. To control the animation and texts from other microcontrollers, e.g. an Arduino. So they sat down, hacked the software and hacked the hardware until they succeeded. The even got their first SPI Blinken Button ready on the 27c3!


Right now their solution looks as hacked as it is. But you have to blame me for this since I did not break out all the pins for the SPI connector.

I am reviewing the Blinken button design anyway. So I think I will follow their recommendations and find a way to break out the SPI pins as optional connectors. Let’s see how it will look in the end. But I think it is good to have those pins available.

So check their Blinken Button Code over at Github and see if you can also repurpose your Blinken Button. And if you got other Blinken Button hacks be sure to leave a comment!

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