Blinken Button for Beginners Version 2

June 17, 2011

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You may know the Blinken Button for Beginners Kit. And you may know that I am quite out of stock at the moment.  But things are changing: The new Blinken Button Kits have arrived!

The best: The now come in red or green (Jimmy liked it – so I added this option) and I got plenty.

This new Blinken Button version sports some enhancements over the old version which came from contribution, wishes and recommendations:

  • First of all they now come in red or green – more options for you!
  • They include built in self test to give you a better chance to find the nasty solder bridges.
  • They now have an optional SPI connector to use them as simple 8×8 displays.
  • The PCB is now white (don’t know how this is an advantage – but I like it more so I sell it here as an advantage).

The idea to add an SPI interface cam from Johannes and Gabe. In a unbelievable stunt they hacked the SPI connection in the old version the same night they bought the kit – and added the implementation straight away. So thank them that this it´s now a standard feature. And be sure to check out their spectacular Game Of Life on Blinken Button too!

Please apologize that I did not find enough time to prepare packages – so they will restock in my shop in the next few days. But if you really want one just send me a mail and I will restock on demand (i.e. send you one or some). And if you don’t dare to solder it on your own come to the Chaos Communication Camp near Berlin. I will offer some SMT soldering classes with Blinken Buttons for Beginners there.

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