Arduino & Barometric Pressure Sensor BMP085

5 December 2009 Sensors

In lack of any new projects (which are currently all in an very intermediate state) Interactive Matter presents yet another ‘how to connect a cool I2C sensor to Arduino’ post. This time it is all about pressure. The BMP085 pressure sensor combines a absolute barometric pressure sensor (aka barometer) with an temperature sensor. It is [...]

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Arduino & AD7746

18 July 2009 Sensors
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In my ongoing series about cool sensors Interactive Matter presents the AD7746 capacity sensor: What is a capacity sensor good for? You can of course make a device to identify small capacitance (up to 4pF) but that’s boring. Much more interesting is how it reacts to touching. Read on how to connect it to the [...]

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SFH 3310 & SFH 5711 Light Sensors

18 May 2009 Sensors
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After I successfully shed some light its time to see some light. For this you normally use photo diodes, photo transistors or photo resistors. But there are two nice little detectors which I came across, special enough to post them here: The Osram SFH 3710 and SFH 5711. Both are photo diodes respectively transistors adapted [...]

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Arduino & LIS302DL

13 February 2009 Sensors
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Ages ago I bought an LIS302DL from Sparkfun. One of the old (little bit) messed up ones, but still 3 axis accelerometer with I2C output. No external parts. No pain. Fine! Before I go in any further investigation. I need to get it up & running with my arduino (actually an boarduino – but who [...]

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Tinkering with ADJD-S371-Q999

17 August 2008 Sensors
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The initial idea of “How was your day, darling” was to record the colors for a day. You know a morning is golden, evening is reddish, thunderstorm is greenish and so on. Measuring this with a simple RGB LED is a brave approach – but hard and cumbersome. So I ordered an ADJD-S371-Q999 color sensor [...]

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