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Blinken Button as a SPI Display

25 January 2011 Tinkering
Blinken Button with SPI breakout

There is nothing better than happy and even creative customers! At 27C3 Johannes and Gabe were one of the first customers for the Blinken Button Kit. After some minor issues they managed to assemble their kit. But that was positively not enough for them.  They wanted to use the Blinken Button as SPI slave, so [...]

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Blinken Buttons for Beginners – a SMT Beginners Kit

8 May 2010 Projects
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You all know the Blinken Button Kit (aka Space Invaders Button). One of the biggest flaws of this kit is that it is not really a beginners kit. But with the help of Jeff (really big thanks for that) I was able to convert it to a perfect SMT beginners kit. The design was drastically [...]

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Blinken Button – The LED Matrix Button Kit

7 February 2010 Shop
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Interactive Matter proudly present the first Interactive Matter SMT Kit The Blinken Button! The Blinken Button is a kit for a 8×8 LED Matrix button (the jacket one). It is based on the Space Invaders Button you may already know. The original Blinken Button Kit has been discontinued – check the Blinken Button for Beginners [...]

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64 Pixels Roundup

20 May 2009 Tinkering
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As a effect of the Space Invaders Button I learned a lot about all those LED Matrix projects on the net. As a roundup I collected a short overview of all the different projects I found.

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Space Invaders Button

13 April 2009 Projects
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The reason I started all this microcontroller stuff was that I wanted to create an animated button displaying space invaders characters. Preferably the same size as an normal button (the ones you put on your jacket, not your panel). Now here it is: If you do not see the electronics for this small display read [...]

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