Twitballoon 2

20 May 2011 Internet of Things
Twtiballoon 2

It was time again to talk at the Good School ‘Camp Digital’ about the Internet of Things. Instead of choosing a real world example I choose to revive the good old ‘Twitballon‘ and create a new and improved version. Twitballoon is a simple Arduino installation, which raises a balloon according to the activity of a [...]

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Arduino HTTP Client Library

7 November 2010
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About HTTPClient HTTPClient is a Arduino Library to easily post normal HTTP Requests using the Arduino Ethernet Shield (a WiFly Version is on the way). Instead of manually implementing the HTTP protocol for each and every web page you want to read from or post to you can simply use the HTTP Client library. HTTPClient [...]

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Twitballoon – a Twitter Trend Visualizer

13 September 2010 Internet of Things
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Interactive Matter proudly presents the first joint project with Tinkerlog (the Space Invaders Button does not count, it was me doing a knock-off): The Twitballon. The nice people of Good School approached us, asking for a simple showcase what tinkering is all about. Nothing less. So Alex of Tinkerlog and Interactive Matter came up with [...]

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