Blinken Button revisited

17 January 2011 Projects
The official Blinken Button Marketing Material

It was a bit quiet in the last months here at Interactive Matter. For a reason! One happy day in fall 2010 Mitch and Jeff convinced me to prepare some Blinken Buttons for Beginners Kits for a SMT soldering workshops at the 27c3 in Berlin. I was happy that they did! And I suffered massively [...]

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Blinken Buttons for Beginners – a SMT Beginners Kit

8 May 2010 Projects
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You all know the Blinken Button Kit (aka Space Invaders Button). One of the biggest flaws of this kit is that it is not really a beginners kit. But with the help of Jeff (really big thanks for that) I was able to convert it to a perfect SMT beginners kit. The design was drastically [...]

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Blinken Button – The LED Matrix Button Kit

7 February 2010 Shop
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Interactive Matter proudly present the first Interactive Matter SMT Kit The Blinken Button! The Blinken Button is a kit for a 8×8 LED Matrix button (the jacket one). It is based on the Space Invaders Button you may already know. The original Blinken Button Kit has been discontinued – check the Blinken Button for Beginners [...]

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Interactive Matter goes Kit

14 July 2009 Shop
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The questions for kits grow stronger and stronger in the comments. Therefore I am happy and proud to announce that Interactive Matter starts selling kits. The first will be the Space Invaders Button. The first round of prototypes has been packaged and already shipped: Soon we will add order forms and how to descriptions for [...]

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