Blinken Buttons for Beginners – a SMT Beginners Kit

8 May 2010 Projects
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You all know the Blinken Button Kit (aka Space Invaders Button). One of the biggest flaws of this kit is that it is not really a beginners kit. But with the help of Jeff (really big thanks for that) I was able to convert it to a perfect SMT beginners kit. The design was drastically [...]

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Arduino & AD7746

18 July 2009 Sensors
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In my ongoing series about cool sensors Interactive Matter presents the AD7746 capacity sensor: What is a capacity sensor good for? You can of course make a device to identify small capacitance (up to 4pF) but that’s boring. Much more interesting is how it reacts to touching. Read on how to connect it to the [...]

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Interactive Matter goes Kit

14 July 2009 Shop
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The questions for kits grow stronger and stronger in the comments. Therefore I am happy and proud to announce that Interactive Matter starts selling kits. The first will be the Space Invaders Button. The first round of prototypes has been packaged and already shipped: Soon we will add order forms and how to descriptions for [...]

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Low Voltage RGB LED

9 May 2009 Tinkering
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Most of my parts want a 3.3V voltage supply. Most of my projects relay on a single coin cell battery at 3V. But driving an RGB LED from 3V is no fun at all. Lets take for example a nice strong RGB LED like the Osram LRTB G6TG – the green channel runs at 3.2V, [...]

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Arduino & LIS302DL

13 February 2009 Sensors
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Ages ago I bought an LIS302DL from Sparkfun. One of the old (little bit) messed up ones, but still 3 axis accelerometer with I2C output. No external parts. No pain. Fine! Before I go in any further investigation. I need to get it up & running with my arduino (actually an boarduino – but who [...]

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How was your day: The first prototype

25 August 2008 Projects
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After the first idea was born a project name and prototype was created: The project name “How was your day, darling?” or shortly “hwydd” refers to the interaction of the device. After you come home you take it in your hand and the device tells you how its day has been. A neat little reactive [...]

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