How To

OK, you finally got your kit shipped to your door step and you are about to assemble it. But how? There is no leaflet explaining it, no IKEA like instruction manual. good that you came over. Here you will find all these guides to succesfully assemble your kit:

General SMT Soldering

µTVBG Most people are afraid of SMT since they think it is too complicated or too tiny. But in reality it is not. Check out our compilations how to solder SMT stuff, which tools you need.

Developing Software for the Atmel AVR with AVR-Eclipse, AVR-GCC & AVRDude

Developing software – or better firmware – for the Atmel AVR can be quite easy or quite complicated. A lot of people like to just use vi, some source files and a make file. Here at Interactive Matter we are a tad lazy and want a fully fledged IDE, with code completion, one click building, no make files and buttons to flash the AVR. The easiest was is to achieve this with Open Source Software, using avr-gcc, avrdude and avr-eclipse. This guide explains how to install and use it.

Blinken Button Kit

This has been the most pupolar item of Interactive Matter. Soon it will be released as a kit. If you are one of the happy few, which got one of the prototypes in your mail box, you can can check out this guide how to solder and program it.

Blinken Button for Beginners Kit

This is the perfect Kit for everybody who wants to learn SMT soldering with a cool kit. Optimised for easy assemlby and testing.